All-In-One Solution That’s Easy as 1-2-3

Video NOW delivers New Zealand’s most powerful, flexible and feature rich cloud video platform. With unlimited scale, multi- vendor interoperability and API’s available, VC video collaboration can meet any technology challenges.

Video NOW provides the benefits of cloud communications being scalable, predictable and reliable. The unique architecture allows every participant to have the best possible experience on whatever device, operating system and network they have. You can have ultra HD support for video and content, and it dynamically adapts to your network.

Powerful Integration

Video NOW is powered by Vidyo. They are changing the way people connect. They have moved the business model for video conferencing beyond expensive legacy hardware and dedicated networks to provide a powerful, flexible and scalable software-based solution that is also affordable.

Video NOW can integrate legacy platforms means that your organisation can integrate mobile and desktop video collaboration for your workforce, while leveraging existing investment in equipment.

Video NOW can integrate Microsoft and google calendar as well as business line applications, contact centre integration, instant messaging and presence.

Quality of Service and widely supported

Video NOW is built on a fully managed Quality of Service network with proactive quality monitoring on every aspect of the solution. The infrastructure is geographically distributed and resilient, with tier one network connectivity to ensure the best availability. Video NOW video communications are encrypted to protect privacy.

Video NOW is supported on a wide range of browsers and operating systems including: WebRTC, Linux, Google Chrome, iOS, Microsoft Windows, O SX, SIP, H.323, Android, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Easy, Breezy Deployment

Video NOW is simple to deploy and install.  However, unlike other cloud vendors that turn on your service and wish you good luck, Video NOW provides full training and holds your hand every step of the way during the transition phase and thereafter.

When Quality Matters

Workforces are more mobile, dispersed and often do some work from home. Businesses need efficient and effective interpersonal collaboration, and Video NOW allows workforces to be more engaged over video. Remember 55% of meaning is in facial expression! And you should expect exceptional quality, instant connectivity, and access from wherever you work.

Video NOW delivers this high quality instant video experience without burdening your IT staff and resources with time consuming and costly deployments. A rich set of application integrations and open APIs allow it to augment and enable costly legacy video conferencing systems. Whether on your smartphone, or boardroom, your video image will sparkle.

Amazing Features and Benefits


IT Benefits

  • Easy to deploy, scale and support
  • Reduce capital costs to support endpoint growth in small rooms, desktops, and mobile devices
  • Meet enterprise security standards with TLS, SRTP, H.235, and AES 128-bit encryption
  • Support interoperability with third-party H.323 and SIP based systems
  • Enable external participants to participate in video meetings
  • Count on superior performance over the public Internet and wireless with patented dynamic adaptation technology

End-User Benefits

  • Click-to-connect simplicity plus built-in calendaring support
  • Experience up to 4K quality video and shared content
  • Connect from virtually any desktop or mobile device
  • Dial-in support for voice only callers
  • Host multiparty conferences or call participants directly for ad hoc sessions
  • View multiple simultaneous content shares between Vidyo endpoints
  • Annotate and whiteboard with VidyoSlate™

Up to Ultra HD Support for Video and Content

Dynamically Adapts to Your Network

Optimize Traffic with Available Hybrid Deployment

Virtually Any Device, Any Time, Any Where

Encrypted Communications to Protect Privacy

Distributed Workgroup Collaboration

Integrated Directory
Dial By Name Simplicity

Click to Connect
Meet with Anyone Inside or Outside Your Organization

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