An All-In-One Solution That’s Easy as 1-2-3

Voice NOW is a modern, streamlined, all-in-one unified communications solution.

It never requires separate windows, apps or logins like other providers whose features are less intuitive and fragmented, ultimately leading to lower user adoption.

Voice NOW is a full-featured VoIP phone system which includes instant messaging, audio and web conferencing, and video collaboration – all built natively into a single client that works anywhere from any device.

Reliable & Secure

Voice NOW is powered by ShoreTel.

ShoreTel is the only cloud business communications vendor that combines 20 years of “pure IP” phone system experience with a modern, built from the ground up collaboration suite.

Their reputation for VoIP excellence is why so many companies trust them as an enterprise-class provider.

Voice NOW is deployed in state-of-the-art NZ data centers and architected to protect against any single point of failure.

The Voice NOW and Services Team provide 24x7x365 monitoring and support. In addition, all voice traffic is always encrypted – end-to-end.

Maximum Flexibility

Voice NOW lets you move to the cloud without boxing you inside it.

If you plan to migrate to the cloud, but want to make a gradual transition, Voice NOW can help. We can provide onsite and cloud communication deployments in a mix-and-match hybrid environment, enabling you to employ cloud functionality at a pace that matches the needs of your business.

Simple Service Plans

Voice NOW brilliantly simple service plans make it easy to deploy a variety of service levels optimized for your staffing plans. From core call control features to multi-faceted feature levels including operator and supervisor features, you’ll pay only for the services you use.

Unlike other cloud vendors that turn on your service, ship you a box of phones and wish you good luck, Voice NOW assigns personal account managers to hold your hand every step of the way during the transition phase and thereafter.

Application Integration

As you move your business communications to the cloud, it’s vital to tie it to your core business processes.

Voice NOW has a rich set of application integrations and open APIs that make it simple to shape your cloud UC solution around your business applications like CRMs, Skype for Business and more.

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