As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated with the increase of elusive malware and zero-day attacks (attackers target vulnerabilities in software unknown to the vendor) the cost, complexity and resources required is growing increasingly.

Telesmart’s sandboxing solution is fully managed and hosted in the cloud. Specifically, it delivers real-time actionable intelligence through the automation of zero-day, advanced malware detection and mitigation. We identify new malware through our sandbox testing and share the information with Fortinet, our global cyber security partner.

Key Benefits

Zero-day protection solution prevents infections from new malware and targeted attacks. Protect your business from reputational damage and intellectual property theft from cyber threats with our advanced malware detection and mitigation solutions.

Managed cloud solution allows you to focus on your business whilst leaving protection from cyber threats to us, the experts. No hardware to purchase or maintain. Our sandboxing solution is rapidly deployable from the cloud.

Real time threat intelligence and response through automated submission and sharing of objects from Fortinet and third-party vendor protection points.

Fully integrates with Telesmart’s suite of security solutions, including our Next Generation Cloud Firewall and Advanced Mail Filtering solutions.

This quick video from our global security partner Fortinet describes how sandboxing works to catch advanced threats and why FortiSandbox delivers better protection and better performance as an advanced threat protection solution.


FeaturesSandbox Inspection
Telesmart managed
Web / Content Filtering
SSL Certificate Inspection
SSL Deep Packet Inspection
Email Spam Filtering
Basic code emulation testing of suspicious files
Full virtual machine execution and behavioural analysis of suspicious files
Realtime notifications of malicious file discovery