Enghouse Interactive provides a range of quality, workforce and business optimisation tools to help organisations provide consistent quality of service, whilst remaining profitable and efficient.

These tools help organisations to enhance operations, ensure high quality customer service, resolve customer disputes, achieve regulatory compliance, accelerate employee training, and increase workplace productivity and security. All solutions are highly scalable and modular, enabling you to choose the level of complexity that meets your requirement for continuous performance improvement.

Customer service is the strategic hub of any organisation. More information flows through a reception, helpdesk and call centre in a single day than any other part of the business. Investing in your staff through training and quality monitoring programmes can positively impact your business and fine tune call centre operations. Quality Management doesn’t have to be expensive or limited to the contact centre.

Call/Screen Recording – (Cloud/On Premise)
Ideal for organisations looking to record or monitor agents or employees anywhere within the business from reception, the finance team, a help desk, right through to the contact centre which in turn helps to improving customer service, resolve customer disputes, enhance training and meet legal requirements such as PCI compliance.

Agent/Service Evaluation – (Cloud/On Premise)
For organisations looking for simple tools for supervisors to provide actionable feedback, or for surveys to quickly capture customer feedback on overall customer experience. Results can be used to coach and train staff to address performance and increase employee productivity.

Real-time Speech Analytics – (Cloud/On Premise)
Suited to any business selling services over the phone. Innovative speech analysis technology brings emotional intelligence to the contact centre enabling organisations to monitor and improve conversations in real-time as well as evaluate recordings. It also monitors stress levels, speech clarity and script adherence, all whilst the call is in progress.

Workforce Management
For organisations looking to manage staff with automated handling of admin tasks, forecast demand across multiple channels and create optimal schedules that meet demand.